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Terms and Conditions

All materials, parts or appliances supplied or used shall remain the property of "Reilly Electrical Services" until paid for in full. Late payments will carry an additional charge of 2.5% of the total balance due on a weekly recurring basis until paid in full. All unpaid invoices will be referred to a debt collector and/or a solicitor. Payment shall be made and cleared by 4pm on the due date. We reserve the right to return and remove or isolate any materials or appliances supplied if payment is not received by the due date.

The account is a 7 day account, meaning you will have 7 days from the date on the invoice to pay the invoice in full unless prior arrangements have been made with our director.

We would also like to make you aware that repairs on some appliances (mostly electronically controlled appliances) after the appliance has received damage to a commanding part by means of animal interference, shorts, water or surges may result in other issues showing up after the commanding part is replaced, leading to further fault finding and part replacement/s. Eg: if a controller PCB (electronic card) in an air conditioner is damaged we would not be able to test any other components under load/running conditions until the PCB is replaced.

Pets – we ask that you please tie up or lock out pets from the area we are working in as they can create a distraction or trip hazard which could result in injury to our staff. We also may need to keep open gates or doorways so we can carry materials or access our work vehicle efficiently.

Materials / furniture. If at all possible we ask for these things to be moved out of the way of the work area to facilitate an efficient job which is beneficial to you and our employees.

Quotes may not give an indication of hours quoted on, or individual prices of parts or materials, we reserve the right to not disclose this information.

Please note a Quote is a set price that you will pay for a job as quoted, additions or subtractions will change the price.

An Estimate is given when we cannot be sure of certain factors which may or may not affect the final price or if a job can be done a certain way, Estimates are just that, an estimate and is not a fixed price.

We also require a deposit on large jobs and jobs that we need to pay for materials or appliances in full before we order/install them eg: air conditioners.


All materials to be supplied for use in the Works will be good and, having regard to the generally accepted practices or standards applied in the building industry for the materials or the specifications, instructions or recommendations of manufacturers or suppliers of the materials, will be suitable for the purpose for which they are used and unless otherwise stated, are new. The Works will be carried out in accordance with all relevant laws and legal requirements, including the Electricity Safety Act, Electrical Safety Regulation and Electrical Safety Codes of Practice.

The Contractor does not warrant the quality or performance of any Electrical Equipment supplied or installed by the Contractor. It is the Customer’s responsibility to establish the warranty relationship with the manufacturer by ensuring that warranty cards or other registration requirements of the manufacturer of any Electrical Equipment supplied or installed by the Contractor are complied with. Please note that many manufactures do not cover labour for warranty or a “return and check” call out. Be sure to keep our invoice for warranty purposes as well.

Labour rates are currently as follows.

The prices listed exclude GST and may differ in the future:

Travel/Call out/administration fee: $30.00, Solar and Refrigeration/air-conditioning work: 1hrs Labour $90.00. Electrical work: 1hrs Labour: $80.00, Apprentice 1st Yr: $40.00, 2nd Yr: $50.00, 3rd Yr: $60.00, 4th Yr: $70.00, (minimum 0.5hr) Emergency and after hours work will carry a 50% loading (1.5x) and a 2hr minimum charge.

Our regular hours are Monday to Friday 7:30am – 4:00pm

Appliances dropped off to our work shop will not attract the travel/call out/admin fee.

There are many factors that influence our rates eg: insurance, employee salaries, vehicle running costs, licences, training, safety, government requirements and taxes.

If you have any issues please let us know as soon as possible during or directly after the job completion, our company strives to be approachable and fair.

Payment can be made via cash, credit card (additional 1% surcharge), an in bank deposit or EFT to the Reilly Family Trust. ANZ Bank.

BSB: 014-550 Account No: 900 144 472. Please use the invoice number as a reference.

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